LVNG 12: The Lost Issue

Cover: Una Moon

Contributors: William Fuller | Leila Wilson | Stan Mir | John Beer | Pura López-Colomé translated by Jason Stumpf | Michael Autrey | G. C. Waldrep | Robert Murphy | Jared White | Ross Hair | Andrew Mossin | Andrea Rexilius | David Pavelich | Michael Marcinkowski | Ossian Foley | Dan Beachy-Quick | Kevin Ducey | Daniel Bouchard | Steve Timm | John Martone

LVNG 12 has been found and made available here and here in perpetuity on this day, 28 August, 2011, auspiciously coinciding upon the first New Moon of this cycle following Mercury’s return direct.

It’s been a long time coming: initially slated for release in 2004, brought to the edge of multiple consummations, percolating up into consciousness, fizzling hither and thither in an electronic bath of molecular diversions, never without purity of intent, plausibility of grandeur, hope of hopes. Our thanks to the poets for their patience and incredible and tenacious enthusiasm.

Print edition to follow soon.

When we set out to finally issue LVNG 12, we decided to give the contributors (some of whom had their work accepted as long ago as 7 years!) the option to keep the work in the issue, update it, or demure. We attempted to reach everyone, but some of the pathways had atrophied. In the cases where we could not reach contributors, we decided to take the work out of LVNG 12, a decision that was not easy but which tries to err on the side of not violating copyright, among other concerns. (N.B.: This accounts in large part for the gender disparity of LVNG 12, as many of the contributors we couldn’t reconnect with were women.) If you are one of these people, and if in fact you would have liked your work included after all, please get in touch with us. We will gladly make it up to you in future issues. Our email address is below.

LVNG 12 marks a change in editorship. Founding editors Joel Felix, Michael O’Leary, and Peter O’Leary will take on advisory roles to the new editors, Ossian Foley and James Longley, who are both stoked.

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