On the occasion of the equinoctial first day of the final year of human history, a dying of darkness and a rebirth of light, an offering in the fog of  probability, henceforth for all time remaining to all: LVNG 13

available here and here in perpetuity

Cover: Rawaan Alkhatib

Contributors: Emily Liebowitz | Jae Choi | Colby Sommerville | Amy King | Rachel Dawson | Andrew Joron | Montreux Rotholtz | Michael Judd | Margaret Ross | Rawaan Alkhatib | Gerardo Herrera | Jessica Laser | Adrienne Raphael | David Chaim Smith | Hannah Sanghee Park | Joel Felix | Michael O’Leary | Peter O’Leary

12 & 13 are being printed as a double volume.

LVNG 13 is the first issue edited by James Longley and Ossian Foley and documents a variety of good wills. We solicited the majority of the work in this issue in an effort to return LVNG to the world in proper style, as a testament to what we hope to do with it, and as a way of acknowledging the gift we have received from the previous editors. LVNG 13’s contributors are deeply important to the editors, as mentors, colleagues, guiding lights. Some present are at the very node of poetry and personhood for us. Others are our best hope for continuing in these endeavors and, we predict, these endeavors’ best hopes.

Our basic criteria for 13 was “good people who make good things.” From this arguably subjective perspective, what has emerged is, we think, an openness and inclusivity defined more by indefinable esprit than measurable phenomena.

For future issues we will prioritize submissions over solicitations, but for this one we indulged. We thought that it would be right and good to say “thank you” and “welcome” in this way.

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